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Le invitamos a ver los casos de estudio para algunos de nuestros últimos proyectos, si desea solicitar más información pulse aqui.



logo-incaeINCAE (Instituto Centroamericano de Administración de Empresas), the number one graduate business school in Latin America, turned to InterNexo for help with improving their website's navigability and conversion rate. We performed a usability audit, and designed a new information architecture and bilingual user interface for the website, and proposed and managed an AdWords campaign to attract prospective students. As a result of our work, INCAE has achieved an effective presence in new markets with extremely beneficial ROAS.

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Banco de Costa Rica

logo-bcr-kmBCR, the second-largest bank in Costa Rica, needed help in consolidating and structuring institutional and technical knowledge distributed in an unstructured fashion throughout myriad documents. InterNexo partnered with a local IT firm to research and implement a low-cost, proof-of-concept knowledge management solution. BCR quickly obtained results with a fully functional proof-of-concept system that incorporates existing knowledge in an enterprise-wide searchable platform.

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Costa Rica Flores

logo-costaricafloresAfter many years of selling floral arrangements exclusively to walk-in and phone-in customers, this boutique florist located in San José, Costa Rica, turned to InterNexo for help with establishing an on-line presence. We designed and created their website with a specific focus on e-business, allowing them to tap into the large US market of people who need to have flowers delivered in Costa Rica. We created their e-business strategy, as well as the branding, user design, back-end infrastructure and online marketing campaigns.

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Fair Play Labs

logo-fairplaylabsFaced with the traditional difficulties in marketing and selling board games, FairPlay Labs turned to InterNexo for help in exploring opportunities for an online, Internet/web version of their board game "AsMajesty". We proposed and developed the business strategy for the creation and monetization of the online game, as well as the design of related websites and back-end architecture. With the business model created by InterNexo, FairPlay Labs raised a first round of angel capital investment for the AsMajesty online game.

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Apartotel La Sabana

logo-apartotel-lasabanaApartotel La Sabana is a boutique extended-stay hotel located in San José, Costa Rica. Facing a declining number of extended-stay customers in San José hotels, they turned to InterNexo for help in renewing their web presence. InterNexo performed market research and proposed a new business strategy for how Apartotel La Sabana could better target the extended-stay traveler in an already saturated market; developed a new information architecture, and new content in English and Spanish for their website. In the year following the launch of the new website, without any investment in online marketing the number of conversions (to contacts and reservations) increased by over 60% and the overall page views increased by 250%.

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logo-uni-systemsUni-Systems is an architectural and engineering firm that specializes in kinetic architecture solutions for clients arund the world. Uni-Systems turned to InterNexo for help in improving their brand's position on the web, understanding how their industry sector operates on the web, and exploring new markets and services areas. We proposed using the web and its market research tools to obtain answers to their questions. The AdWords campaign designed and managed by InterNexo has resulted in a tenfold increase in traffic to Uni-System's website in just three months, and they now have a clearer idea of new markets and opportunities in different parts of the world.

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Link SV

logo-linksvLinkSV is a business networking website that contains information on 8400 IPO companies, startups, acquired or liquidated companies, and VC firms, mostly in the Silicon Valley area. Traffic to the site originating from organic searches was much lower than desired, so LinkSV turned to InterNexo for help. With only partial implementation of our proposed changes, in just six weeks overall traffic increased by 50%, traffic from organic search increasedby 75%, and conversion rates to sign-ups increased by over 150%.

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